26 July, 2001

Dear Congressman _____________;

I am recording the date you were alerted to an item of important information that is directly relevant to the consideration of a Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) as will be addressed today (26 July, 2001) in House floor debate on H.J. Res 55.

Please weigh the moral significance of the report at http://www.bidness.com/dega/cjregan.html, and please know that "I wasn't aware" will not be an option for you should you not vote "YES" to H.J. Res 55, despite this and abundant other damning intelligence.

Your vote, and your justifications, will be recorded and broadcast to the Internet, noted commentators, and the news media at large.

I hope we can report that you did cast an honorable "YES" vote on H.J. Res 55 and that you helped defeat the proposition of normal business relations with the SRV due to that government's gross violations of the provisions of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment (waived or otherwise), and moreover, their grievous crimes against universally held tenets of basic human rights.